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Want to grow faster and proportionate sexy physique

We all want to grow faster and proportionate sexy physique, We try to work our ass off, spent ton of money on supplements and diet and think that we will grow because 70% of your body growth relies on your Diet, Nutrition and sleep.

But my friend we guys never thought that 30% of our workout and training/workout should need to be correct and proper that 70% will only work if we will workout properly. 

You should keep this in mind forever or else you’ll end up wasting your diet, supplement and most important money.

So, as said lets talk today about one of the most important topic on which people not talk a lot about “the parts of your muscle group” which you must know i order to grow faster  and  get a proportionate body.

Lets start with the biceps

Anatomy of biceps

There are two heads to the biceps muscle: the short head and the long head. This may come as a surprise to most people, but both heads of the biceps actually start (originate) at the scapula (shoulder blade), and end (insert) on the forearm.

Never think that one workout will hit both the parts of your bicep. We need to train them separately and there are different workout for different part.

Triceps Anatomy

There are three heads to the triceps muscle; the long. lateral, and medial head.

There is not much needed to describe this you need to focus on each muscle separately.

  • You need to grow long head and your arm will look bigger.
  • you will grow lateral your arms will look thicker.
  • And the medial head gives proper definition.

But train them all equally to make your triceps look, proper.

Anatomy of back

Traps – Now the traps or trapezius muscle connects the deltoids to the back which supports the weight of your arm and retracts and rotates the (scapulae) shoulder blades.

Middle back (Rhomboids) – The rhomboids helps you squeeze the shoulder blades together and provide stability to the shoulder.

Lats (Latissimus dorsi muscle) – The lats help you pull your arm down and back and keep your elbow close.

Lower back – The lower back muscles are necessary to stabilize your spine and part of the core muscles.

Anatomy of Chest

There are numerous muscle fiber in our chest and there are several name to remember.

But as per bodybuilding the basic three parts which we need to focus on are:

  • Upper pectoral
  • middle pectoral
  • Lower pectoral

There are several different workout and several different machines.

Just by doing normal push ups you can’t achieve shape like you are dreaming of you need to add variation.

Anatomy of Abdominal

If you need a crispy and well defined abs you need to focus on:

  • External Oblique
  • Rectus Abdominis
  • Internal Obliques
  • Transverse Abdominal

Lower body Anatomy

I think there is no need of me to explain rewrite all the parts of lower body, because it’s already there in the above image.

So as you now aware of different parts of different muscle group now you are one step ahead and you just need to learn, What are the various exercises you need to do.

if you want to get a routine, which is specifically focuses on each muscle part than you can contact us on, it’s totally free.



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