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Small tips to make a magnetic personality | mens-mentality

“Small tips to make a magnetic personality” is a most important topic to enhance your personality.

There are small things which can make a huge impact on your personality and can turn it into a “magnetic personality”.

Express what you like, which they’ve done.

It’s actually a process where you need to get a small note book. and for at least 15 days. write down the things, scenario, and stuff which you like about them. which they;ve done to you.

It’ll take around 10 mins a day to note all those good stuff.

And in 15 days you’ll definitely make a personalized note of there gratitude and while conversation uses them and tell them, that I like that thing of yours.

And instantly they will feel special, that you’ve notice there actions and appreciated.

you can write a letter filled with there gratitude on a special occasion and which can be far better than an expensive gift. TRY THIS AND YOU

second thing which you can do is…

Take all your clothes, toys and stuff which you haven’t used in the last year to charity

This is very simple, gather all the stuff which you haven’t used last year. Collect them and instead of getting to an auction go to a charity and donate them.

This act of your will generate a sense of respect not just in people around you, But also in every one you’ll see and know about this act of yours.

Ask the shyest what they’re excited about.

There are people around you, who are too shy in nature. To impress them is really easy.

You just need to ask them about the thing which they are excited about and feel good about.

This kind gesture of yours will not just make them special, it will also make you special for them.

This is something great which sometimes can be used on every body.

Show engaged body language when talking to someone.

don’t be like a stone face while talking to someone. always make some gestures.

like smile, React and use your face and hands.

But, with a joyful and confident gesture. Don’t be so dumb or a lifeless guy. match there vocal tonality, speed of statements e.t.c.

This will help you to build a nice rapport of yours in front of them.

support other people’s passion

This is something which is super personal to for everybody. In our life, there are only a few people who really care about our passion.

So, If we talk to them about there passion and what they like about it and praise them for there handwork and thinking.

This will instantly hit them and it will create a sense of respect towards you in there mind.



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