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Myths about supplements and bodybuilding|2019

Today lets talk about the Myths about supplements and bodybuilding

Not just in India there are several myths and disbelieves, which are base less and created through rumors and forced negative thoughts.

YES! Read the whole article and you will also agree with me, But before that I would love to thank Indian community, for reaching out to us, with this context.

So, lets get straight to the point.


Myths about supplements and bodybuilding

There are lot of people in India think, that just by joining a gym they will become muscular or lose fat instantly.

Just for them, It’s the biggest mistake you can ever thought of. Everything takes time and continuous practice and learning.

You just need to throw that thought out of your head, before start gyming or workout. You definitely need to learn a lot

People those who are going to the gym the always face criticizing questions from people of every age from kid to old.

“ Itna din ho gayemagar body kahahai, gym meinkyakartahai. Mana join kiyahotatoh 16 ka dolahota.” CREDIT: Aayan Singhal.

They don’t know, that it’s not at all easy to build muscle. Not just in India, around the globe people have that same mentality.

No matter how good your explanation is, they won’t satisfy and understand, and they will make fun of you.

There is an alpha way from, MENS-MENTALITY to handle this situation.

Don’t explain just as ask them what they are doing and if he is a kid then tell him why aren’t you a topper in india?, job holder why aren’t you the ceo of the company?, Businessmen Why aren’t you rich like bill gates andAmbani?

And with a humble tone say, I’m not trying to criticize you. just a fact, that everything require time, effort and we need to go through a learning process.

Fitness and bodybuilding is also same like other things, need to learn, maintain discipline, learning and correcting mistakes in posture, stance, diet, and in lot more things, you cann’t even think of. It will take time to see results.

NOTE: People with that kind of mentality, that they will get into the gym and within few days they will achieve a sexy body and get there goals, then please don’t go to the gym.

Ultimately you will get depressed and make a mindset like nothing will happen. We need to get through a learning and failing process before getting the goals.

So, please be patient and get through that process and you will definitely achieve your goal. I can bet you on that, one hundred percent.


Myths about supplements and bodybuilding

If you are a new guy and heard about supplements like protein powder, BCAA’s, Pre- workout and etc.

When you’ll go and ask somebody, that should I go for it.

Wait, we have an experimented

It’s been experimented in 5 different countries, and found that 73.29% of people said, “NO!”.

It can cause negative impact on you will get a stone problem, kidney problem. Pimples on your back and acne and several more random reasons.

And the most interesting fact 28.03% people are those who regularly workout.

But It’s not their fault, Not at all. They don’t have zero knowledge about supplementation. They also support the false myths, just because majority is saying the same thing.

Okay! Let’s clear out the doubt do you ever had milk, chicken, Egg, soya etc.

If yes, then let me tell you whey is a by product of milk. When we make cheese the liquid which separates after various processing steps it turn down into protein powder(whey).

High in protein and fastest consumable stuff, for fast recovery and great muscle growth.

Creatine and BCAA’s is also gets into your body if you have eggs and meat, and it’s good because they are most important amino acids for better muscle growth.

So, supplements are good and they provide us the essential elements which we require to maintain and grow muscles and that to in an easily and instantly.

And you definitely want to know the side effects. On that note I can see is there is no side effects it’s just like food.

If you know the fact, when to take and how much to take it will give you best results, and even if you don’t know that when and how much, nothing will happen.

But, it doesn’t mean that you will empty the jar in a day. It’s costly… Just jokin.

Just remember excess of anything can always cause a negative effect.

One more thing people are getting negative effects due supplementations. Why?

Because they are buying cheap products to save money or they don’t have any Knowledge about the brands or else they got trapped with the bad duplicacy thing.

There are 90% duplicate stuff out there. which contains added chemicals and thing which can affect your body badly,

There are numerous videos out there that how to buy Genuine products. You can watch and learn.

But for me what I used to do is, always buy from a Known brand like ON, Muscle tech, Ultimate nutrition, Gats, and there are several like them.

But duplicate products of these brands are alsothere in the market. So, in that case what you need to do is check the importer seal. Like below.

This is hard to copy and always check that barcode from your phone to know the batch No. and product details.

Isn’t it simple? like this you just need to learn few things and you can get through every issue.


First and foremost, your body need energy and that to generate energy you need fuel which is food in this situation.

A lot of people raise a question against this statement, that if supplements are made up of natural food after processing.

And the Nutrition value in supplements are much higher than food. Then you are wrong. We should have supplements instead of food.

Truly loved that question!

Let me explain it to you in a different way. When you were studying in school there must be 20-50 kids in your class. And one teacher per period. I hope I’m right.

But instead of that your parents used to send you call a tuition teacher or send you to a coaching where there is only you or maybe 5-10 kids.

Where that teacher can take care of you in a much personal way.

So, would you leave school and only go for tuitions for your education, will it help you in a better way.

I Know you are smart and you got the point, but still, tuition cannot give you the experience and values which school can.

Same way supplements can only support you, but food is the real stuff which will make you grow.

Supplements are just to support your growth, make it faster and help you not to lose what you have.

I hope you understand what the real fact is.

Don’t eat more and work smart and then hard, that can lead you to your success.



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