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How to get out of the friend zone |

“How to get out of the friend zone” is one of the most important topic which every guy want to know.

We all have faced the same situation at least once in our lifetime. I’ve faced numerous times and you can’t escape from getting into because it’s in her hand and head, but definitely, you can get out of it.

But, definitely you can escape from this situations.

Often time it’s our mindset

Once we get a statement or behavior from a girl like, ” you are my best friend, or behave like a dude in front of you about other guys and things such like that.

actually accepting this is a denial of responsibility and losing all the opportunities when you can make her feel like you are way more than a friend.

take responsibility- you friend zoned yourself when you aren’t transparent with your feelings.

and you didn’t making a honest interest in this person clearly.

If you want to get out the friend-zone. it’s not likes she need to allow you to do. It’s something that you need to do GET OUT!

So, if you’ve accepted the friend zone, you won’t be able to anything to get her.


the second piece is this. The most common way in my life, your life is actually w keep on pushing things more.

So the second one is…

Take your time and stay away from her for a period of time.

It’s not like you will sta disconnected for a day or two. I mean for a longer period of time.

Let her forget you for a while like a month or an year. Meanwhile, just try to improve a few things in your personality.

Like dressing sense, vocal tonality, way of talking, physique or anything relate to what girls like and just focus on yourself .

and rest time will do.

the next one is the absolute one and everybody should do this, that is

Focus on your own thing and passion

This one thing not just only attracts girls but also people around you. But, we’ll just focus on girls.

A girl will never friend zone a guy who is passionate about his own things and can skip anything , that will affect his focus and determination.

Every girl wants a guy like that. Maybe she will call you as a friend, but genuinely she will accept you, if your approach is right.

find opportunities and focus on other girls (caution)

When your were in school. There was a concept called like repels and unlike attract.

A lot of guys make this mistake. If the girls has already friend zoned you, then the more you’ll spent time with her and do her stuff, the more deep that friend zone relation will go on.

Instead of that, explore with other girls and stay connect with her.

After a certain period of time, if she like your personality and everything is good, then she will definitely feel like she is losing you and you are out of zone.

But, There might be a possibility that she will feel like he is a creep and leave you forever.

Just be in your limits.

And staying touch with her and be kind towards her and reveal your feeling on time.

There will be only 2 possibilities left, either she will say yes to you or else she will ask you for sometime.

But, in both the cases you are out her friend zone.

The best and straight forward. express

Literally this is the best one if you are a confident guy and never hesitates to say what’s inside of you.

Then just go and tell her about your feelings. Simple!

I mean to say, don’t just go and say will you be my girlfriend, I love you.

This will ruin everything. I mean just express your feeling, that you like her.

That’s all, rest she will do.

So guys these are few tips about how you can get out of friend zone.

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