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6 psychological tricks to make people like you IMMEDIATELY

We don’t realize, but people took a very very small moment to decide, Whether they like us or don’t. So, today in, “6 Psychological tricks to make people like you IMMEDIATELY”, I’m gonna tell you 6 tricks to make people like you immediately.

Compliment people on what they have earned.

Don’t ever compliment people on what they have. Compliment people on what they’ve worked for, and earned.

It feels amazing if people compliments us, off course we like that.

But, when it comes to compliment, often they hear the same. Like they have beautiful eyes, nice hairs, you look good and on, and on.

And these are what they have heard over and over again, and they are already use to these kind of complements.

But, if you can be the person, that what they are working on, and notices that why they are working and struggling and compliments on them it will hit they right into their heart.

Get people talking about what they love

This is a gold standard, But it’s easy.

There are two main questions, Which you can use…

how do you like that ? and what is it specially that you love/like about that thing?

So, early in conversations people will often ask. What do you do? What have you been lately? or seen any movies or game?

All of these questions no matter what topic you are on if you can go .

how do you like it? as soon as they say, just say ohh what did you like about it?

if you can do that and dive down deeper and they share with you what they love. They are going to associate you with that amazing feeling.


This is very good for active Listening and conversations.

Share a truth that true to your detriment.

if you can put honesty on the table and be true to that person.

Like when I was in a online-course selling business. one of my subscribe send me a mail regarding his situation and said I really want your persuasion secret course. But, my condition is not good. I’ve mortgages and bills, my semester book to buy and a lot.

Is it the right time and thing, If I’ll invest in your course of $499.

I straight said, ” I think it’s more important right now for you is to buy your semester book and pay your books”.

This one honest statement generate an immediate respect for me.

choose honesty as your highest principle and beneath that everything else. like this people will notice you like you and appreciate you.

hoop on to the next..

It’s your open body language.

I’ve seen a lot of people perform this mistake.

Your body language is the first thing people see about you.

unfortunately, it happens on the time when it’s most needed, That is on a date or and interview. when it’s most needed.

most of the time when you are a date or on an group you put you hand in pocket or crossed them above chest. To others it seems protective.

so, show them your bare hands and try to use them duing conversation to show a confident posture.

Exceed expectations without asking permission

It’s like doing something more for someone without even asking. And, It’s best if it’s a surprise.

Like Bentley did with me. When I bought my new Bentley, what they did is along with the paper and accessories they’ve send me a small present

A vine bottle cap with a logo of Bentley which will enhance my status among my friend and this is small but very effective.

It immediately made me feel like Bentley is the best car company in the whole world.

and the last but not the least.

Be the first person to joke around.

this one thing which you can do anytime. And trust me it works very well.

Let me take you to a scenario, where there is a moment where you are meeting someone for the first time. The situation is daunting or formal.

meanwhile you’ve cracked a joke and make the situation more comfortable for both of you.

This works every time. GUARANTEED.

hope you’ve learned a few trick through,”6 psychological tricks to make people like you IMMEDIATELY”.



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